Ludlow Baptist Church Coronavirus Policy regarding Sunday services. (March 2020)

The facts
The number of people infected with COVID-19 in the UK is rising.
Because the incubation period of this virus is long – between 2-3 weeks – many more people are already infected, through contact, but are not yet identified because they have no symptoms. There is a window of opportunity to stem the spread of infection through prayer and action.

How should we act?
We should listen to and act upon the advice of those in authority, with consideration for the well-being of others as well as ourselves. This includes the regular washing of hands for a 20 second period, particularly just before we attend church. Our motivation is not fear but a desire to act responsibly for the good of all.

We are strongly advised NOT to shake hands with one another during the time we meet on Sunday mornings. This includes the time people are being welcomed into the building. A lovely smile and greeting will ensure all, particularly visitors, are made to feel welcome in an appropriate manner.

A hand sanitiser, tissues and a bin are available by the entrance to the church.  Door handles in the church and the hall area are cleaned prior to the service commencing.

Communion will continue as usual using individual glasses but the bread will be replaced with individual wafers until the spread of COVID-19 is properly contained.

Please do not attend a Sunday service if you are “feeling off colour,” particularly if you are coughing, and/or have a high temperature. Sermon notes can easily be emailed upon request to any who miss the service due to sickness. We are looking into streaming our services live for those who are unable to attend.

How should we pray?
The Maranatha Community have released an excellent document with suggestions on how we should pray. Copies of this document are available at church.


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