2nd October

Working Together

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“Once a year Ludlow Baptist Church has a harvest collection for charities both local and international. This year we felt we wanted our collection to be invested in a local charity. As Simon (Minister) is a trustee of Working Together, we decided to collect our money for this wonderful local initiative.

We raised over £1000!

Our friends at Working Together are a dream to partner with.

We love them!”

29th September

Linda Stalley


Leader of the Maranatha community was kindly with us informing us of Healing, Uniting and Renewing.

Linda believed there is a renewed call emerging for our Community but its definition is not yet clear.





15th September

What an amazing day we had on Sunday 15th September!

Having professed publicly, faith in the Lord, and were baptised in front of a full congregation of Church members and with many family and friends. The original group were four but we had requests and increased the sessions to eight. Fantastic.

  IMG 0002


First session.













IMG 0004



Second session.






IMG 0008


Third session.





IMG 0011



Fourth session.













IMG 0019



Fifth session.













IMG 0021



Sixth session.













IMG 0026



Seventh session.













IMG 0024



Eighth session.





















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