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The food bank in Ludlow is housed in Ludlow Baptist Church, but is supported by all the churches in Ludlow. 

We give food parcels to people in crisis situations, who are referred to us.
The contact phone number is 07896 706 189.
We have volunteers on duty 11a.m. - 1p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,when agency workers or parcel recipients can collect their parcels.
We do not offer an automatic delivery service, but parcels can be delivered by special arrangement.

Address:         Ludlow Baptist Church, Rockspring Community Centre, Sandford Road, Ludlow, SY8 1SX



Ludlow CTAL Food Bank

Showing God’s love to people in crisis

December 2019 Report

2019 has been a very busy year for Ludlow food bank. Not only have we given away more food to more people than ever before, but we have also been busy with fund raising and advertising ourselves more widely.

December was our busiest month yet with 54 food parcels and 40 Christmas Hampers going out in 23 days. Our Christmas hampers included “Butcher vouchers” which could be spent at Ludlow’s independent butchers. A big “Thank you” to our volunteers who worked very hard, to everyone who donated wonderful amounts of both normal food and Christmas goodies and to some wonderful people who donated toys for specific children and knitted scarves for our Christmas hampers. We
also had hundreds of minced pies given by Applegreen petrol station. Thank you also to our part time volunteers who come in in December and are invaluable at keeping everything moving by checking all donations and keeping the place tidy – we couldn’t do it without you.


Ludlow Baptist Church with Christmas Hampers waiting to be collected.

        Wonderful Donation from Ludlow School.                                                                     Donation of £615 from Lower Broad
                                                                                                                                                       Street Residents Association this was
                                                                                                                                                       used to pay for fruit and veg vouchers.







This year has seen the number of food parcel given out reach a new high record. Last year 2018 was the busiest we had had with 315 food parcels given out. In 2019 we gave out 471 food parcels.
That is 106 more than there are days in the year. Back in January I thought that we were going to have a busy year, as we gave out 48 parcels in 31 days, and it hasn’t really quietened down since.

In September I was very worried that we may not be able to continue for much longer, as we had spent over £9,000 on food up to that point in 2019, and our financial reserves were getting very low.
Then in October we were very blessed by harvest donations from many churches, care homes and schools in the area. November and December saw many very generous donations for Christmas from churches, schools, businesses, organisations and individuals. We particularly want to thank Bikold for their generosity every month. Our cupboards are now quite full, and we have had more people sign up to give us money on a regular basis. The generosity of people in Ludlow is
something we should be very proud of.

Items that we run out of most often are UHT milk, sugar, coffee and tinned potatoes.

This year we have given out enough food to feed 1100 people for a week, and when we remove repeat parcels we have helped 623 different individuals in and around Ludlow. There have been 17 households this year who have had prolonged periods of hardship and have had more than 3 parcels from us. About half of our food parcels have gone to someone who has already had at least one

Single men are once again the biggest group of people who have had food parcels, followed by two parent families.

Earlier this year we were able to increase the amount of storage space we have. This is down to the Baptist church allowing us to completely take over the room, and Connexus for providing us with a grant to do the work. We also need to thank Rob for all his hard work in building cupboards and shelves for us.

The extra storage space means that we can now stock period products (thank you to Ludlow
Brownies who donated a large amount of these to us), toletries, nappies and baby food and dog and cat food. Often people who have dog or cats are more concerned about their pets than themselves when they come to the food bank. We can’t guarantee that we will have dog or cat food, but thanks to generous donations we usually do.


As can be seen from the graphs above, December was our busiest month. August was also very busy. Probably because several children who normally receive free school meals were not provided for at school, so their parents struggled to feed them. I think that is partly what happened in May as well, as we had a huge jump in the number of children we helped in May. This may also be because the child benefit cap was introduced then.


The biggest reason for needing a food parcel has been delays in receiving benefits, particularly when someone is moved onto Universal Credit.

Referred by

There are many agencies who refer people to us as shown below.



Age Range

The age group that has needed the most help this year is the 25-44 age group. This is similar to previous years.

Day parcel was made

For our volunteers this graph shows when we made the most parcels – the Wednesday volunteers outdid themselves this year, with many Wednesdays seeing six or seven parcels being made up.
That would have been unheard of even 2 years ago.


I frequently attend food bank networking meetings which are organised by the Diocese of Hereford.
This gives food banks in the area a chance to meet up and help and encourage each other. This year has seen the opening of a new food bank in Cleobury Mortimer. This will hopefully take some pressure away from us.

This year saw us become one of the Mayor’s charities of the year, along with Pricklebums Hedgehogs. This has introduced us to the world of fund raising, and we had a market stall in August to raise money and awareness of the food bank. We have had a few small scale sales/stalls since.

Next year (2020) Richard’s Castle Soap Box Derby will be raising money for us.

We are very blessed to have a wonderful team of volunteers. Everyone involved with the food bank is a volunteer, so all money donated is used to buy food.

We also work closely alongside Hands Together Ludlow, both in utilising surplus food from Tesco and local shops, and in discussing other ventures such as lunch clubs and maybe a community fridge in the future.

Some of the stories we hear from Food parcel recipients are quite heartbreaking, but we are happy to be able to ease their burden a bit by giving them food to eat at a difficult time in their lives.

Thank you

Ruth Davies (Coordinator)





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